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Vacation House Checks

We’ll keep an eye on your home…

Vacation House Checks are offered to Clayton residents free of charge.

Clayton Police will perform an inspection of your property at least once per week while you are away, paying close attention to  the details provided by you on the Vacation House Check Application.

You can access a copy of the form here

Please e-mail the completed form to


Before you leave…

  • -Lock all doors and windows. Use dowel rods to secure sliding doors and windows
  • -Consider leaving an internal light and external lights on to deter criminals. If possible, use timers to schedule them to come on.
  • -Pull in all trash containers from the curb
  • -Limit/stop package deliveries that may be placed at your front door.

Friendly Reminder…

Vacation House Check requests must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to departure date and cannot be requested for longer than 60 days.

This service is provided on an as-available basis. It is not for vacant homes, residences for sale or long-term absences.

Vacation House Checks are not to be used as a substitute for security measures. Unless circumstances deem it necessary officers will not go into your backyard. Checks are front perimeter only.