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Phone Numbers

  • Main Telephone Line (925) 673-7300
    Air Quality – Bay Area Air Quality Management District
    Dust, wood smoke, Spare the Air
    (415) 749-5000
    Animal Control – Contra Costa County
    Barking dogs, loose or dead animals
    (925) 335-8300
    Business License
    New and renewal of business license, Home Occupation Permits
    (925) 673-7300
    Building Division/Inspection – Contra Costa County
    Building code requirements and inspection
    (925) 674-7200
    Building Code/Permit Violations – City of Clayton
    Illegal building construction, building permits, new construction
    (925) 673-7300
    Encroachment permits, traffic signal issues, oversized loads
    (925) 673-7300
    Fire Department – Contra Costa County Fire Protection District
    Weed abatement, fire prevention
    (925) 941-3300
    Landscape Maintenance
    Overgrown vegetation in parks or on City property (925) 673-7327
    Overgrown vegetation on private property (925) 673-7300
    Library – Clayton (925) 673-0659
    Debris in the street, street light out, potholes, irrigation leaks, damaged traffic control signs
    (925) 673-7327
    Mosquito and Vector Control
    Mosquitoes, rats and mice, ticks, ground nesting yellow jackets, and skunks
    (925) 685-9301
    Tree removal permits, noise permits, land use applications, zoning information
    (925) 673-7300
    Police Department (non-emergency)
    Disturbing the peace, illegally parked cars on street, RV permits, vacation house watch, bicycle license, parking tickets
    (925) 673-7350
    Pollution Prevention
    Engine oil or vehicle fluid run-off, illegal discharge into storm drains or creeks
    (925) 673-7308
    Solid Waste – Republic Services
    Service requests or garbage not picked up
    (925) 685-4711
    Vehicle Abatement
    Abandoned on the street (925) 673-7350
    Inoperative on private property (925) 673-7300
    Water – Contra Costa Water District
    New service request, water rates, water conservation
    (925) 688-8000