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General FAQs

How can I get more information regarding Diamond Terrace Senior Living Facility?

Call Diamond Terrace directly: (925) 524-5100 or visit the website.

Who do I contact regarding mosquitoes, yellow jackets and skunks and information on the West Nile Virus?

Contact the Mosquito and Vector Control at (925) 685-9301.

Who do I contact regarding rattlesnakes and wild pigs?

Contact Animal Control at (925) 608-8400 unless the snake is posing a danger directly inside the house or front porch, then you may contact the Clayton Police Department at (925) 673-7350.

How do I contact Animal Control Services?

Martinez Animal Shelter
4800 Imhoff Place
Martinez, CA

(925) 608-8400

For information regarding the number and type of animals allowed at a residence or to report violations, contact City Hall at (925) 673-7310.

How can I reserve one of the City’s parks or Endeavor Hall?

Contact City Hall at (925) 673-7310.

What permits do I need if I operate a business from my home?

The City of Clayton requires a Business License and a “Home Occupation Permit” for business owners operating a business out of their home. If you need more information, contact City Hall at (925) 673-7310.

How do I apply or renew a Business License?

Visit the City’s website or call (925) 673-7310.

How do I report a street light outage?

If a street light is out, flickering, or staying on during the day, please call the Maintenance Department at (925) 673-7327 or submit a Service Request. If possible, provide the pole number and specific location in order to help expedite the repair.

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