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Voluntary Video Surveillance Registration

The STAY S.A.F.E. Program is an opportunity to partner with the Clayton Police Department to help deter crime and catch criminals. This program proactively partners residents and businesses to keep our city safe and solve crime.

The STAY S.A.F.E. program allows residents and business owners to voluntarily register the locations of their video surveillance systems. This crime prevention and investigative tool allows law enforcement to more easily identify the locations of video surveillance systems and enlist the assistance of the community to help obtain video evidence if a crime has occurred in that area.

The Clayton Police Department offers this program as an additional tool to deter criminal activity in our neighborhoods. Many business owners and residents already operate private surveillance systems. As crimes occur in their respective areas, community members are not always aware that their surveillance systems may have captured information that could prove vital in a law enforcement investigation.

The registry and list of registered properties are kept confidential.

The police department will not have automatic access to your camera footage, but this program will allow us to be aware that a camera exists when investigating a crime in or around a particular neighborhood. If a crime occurs in the vicinity or in an adjoining neighborhood, the police may, if necessary, contact participants of the program and request a copy of their footage for evidence or investigative leads.

The program is 100% voluntary and you can choose to opt out of the program at any time.
If you have additional questions regarding the STAY S.A.F.E. Program, please call 925-673-7350.

Forms can be mailed, emailed, delivered or faxed to the Police Department:

6000 Heritage Trail, Clayton

Fax: (925) 672-1429


For assistance in filling out the form call: 925-673-7350