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Code Enforcement



The City of Clayton takes great pride in in maintaining and preserving its neighborhoods. Clayton has municipal codes, policies, and rules regulating activities and conditions to help keep your neighborhood healthy, safe, and attractive. The Code Enforcement program staff works with the residents and businesses to ensure the community’s goals are accomplished such as protecting property values and the environment.

What is a Code Violation?

Violations of the City of Clayton’s Municipal Code are considered to be nuisances and blight that detract from the quality and safety of the neighborhood. Recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy, safe, and attractive neighborhoods, the City of Clayton has adopted codes or laws pertaining to the maintenance and use of private property.

What is NOT a Code Violation?

There are some neighborhood matters that do not fall within the City’s jurisdiction. The City will act only on behalf of the public at large and will not take action on behalf of one citizen against another. Further, the City does not enforce Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) associated with a Homeowners Association nor does the City take action on behalf of one citizen against another.

For additional information regarding City regulations, please the Clayton Citizens Guide .

Community Development Contact Information

  • Dana Ayers
    Dana Ayers Community Development Director

    Telephone: (925) 673-7300


  • Patrick Nemah
    Patrick Nemah Office Assistant/Code Enforcement Officer

    Telephone: (925) 673-7310