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City Treasurer

The City Council of the City of Clayton appoints a City Treasurer to help administer the financial and investment affairs of the City efficiently, economically, and harmoniously. The City Treasurer is appointed wholly on the basis of such person’s abilities and qualifications serving an indefinite term, at the pleasure of the City Council.

Powers and Duties

  • Auditing the City’s financial records and transactions.
  • Reviewing and evaluating finance documents for accuracy and compliance with the principles of the Government Accounting Standards Board.
  • Providing signature for payments made in the absence of the City Clerk.
  • Providing signature on related Finance Department records that require approval by the City Treasurer.
  • Working with the City Manager and Finance Manager to oversee and manage the City’s investment practices; audits the City’s cash position, and audits bank reconciliations.
  • Attending City meetings when necessary to discuss and/or explain finance related issues.


Please feel free to contact the City Treasurer if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at:

City Treasurer

City Treasurer

Telephone: (925) 673-7300
Email: Financedirector@Claytonca.Gov

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