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4th of July Parade

Independence Day – The Clayton Way

Clayton’s 2023 Fourth of July Parade

6000 Heritage Trail, 2nd Floor, Clayton, California 94517

Phone: (925) 673-7350 Fax: (925) 672-1429

email: Sandy Johnson

Want to be in the 2023 July Fourth Parade?

Clayton’s famous 4th of July Parade and celebration is coming quickly. Let’s celebrate our great community and country together as well as enjoy our local time honored tradition.

We want the Parade to be the best ever and enjoyable for all. We are encouraging new groups to participate, and prior participants to sign up again. Wouldn’t it be great to have some live music? It’s time to be creatively patriotic. There is no limitation on the number of kids who may march, no registration required for Kiddie Parade (children, bicycles, roller skates, non-motorized scooters, wagons, strollers, small kids battery motorized play vehicles). Kids just line up along Oak Street.

The Main Parade requires advance registration. You cannot be in the Parade without having registered and received a confirmation of your registration and Parade Entry Pass.

Your application must be received by June 29, 2023 or it will not be accepted. To control the length of the Parade and keep sunburn to a minimum, we may need to limit other entries, particularly automobile organizations/clubs. Applications will be reviewed on creating a diversity of entries with a focus on local area and non-commercial entries as a priority. This year’s Parade theme is “Independence Day – The Clayton Way”. There is no registration fee or cost to be in the Parade.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE REGISTER EARLY. Any forms RECEIVED after June 29, 2023 MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR INCLUSION IN THE PARADE. The entry form with instructions is attached below. Upon receipt of your application, your confirmation, Parade Entry Pass, and further instructions will be sent to you in the mail so that you have it prior to the Parade date.

Click here for 2023 4th of July Parade Application

Click here for 2023 4th of July Parade Flyer

Parade Rules:

  • Entries must be received no later than June 29, 2023 to: 6000 Heritage Trail, 2nd Floor, Clayton CA 94517; or fax by June 29, 2023 to: (925) 672-1429; or email to: Sandy Johnson by June 29, 2023.
  • You must bring your registration confirmation with you to check in on the morning of July 4th.
  • CANDY or ANY ITEMS CAN NOT be tossed from vehicles or pedestrians in the parade, but may be distributed by walking participants along the side of the route. Violators may be asked to leave the Parade and/or barred from future Parade participation.
  • No squirt guns, water squirters or other similar item(s). If found, they will be confiscated and not returned. All Parade entrants are subject to search. You may be prohibited from participation if these are found.
  • No stopping to perform along the Parade route. Parade is to keep moving at a pace of those in front of you.
  • All participants must follow the instructions of designated Parade officials.
  • The Parade will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. on July 4th.
  • Check-in between 7:30 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. at old Marsh Creek Road just past the Stranahan Circle Late check-ins may not be allowed to enter the Parade line-up.
  • After check-in, vehicles in the Parade must have a person with vehicle keys and a driver at all times at the vehicle.
  • Sorry, absolutely no day-of registrations. (This does not apply to children marching in the Kiddie Parade.)
  • All drivers of motorized vehicles must have a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Sorry, but due to court cases related to such events and activities, the following legal notice is required to be provided: Violation of any of the above rules is grounds for you to be removed from the parade, cited by the police and/or barred from future parade participation.

Sincerely, Sandy Johnson, Registration Coordinator, Clayton’s 4th of July 2023 Parade Committee