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Finance Department


Mission Statement

To be of exemplary service to the Clayton community with an emphasis on:

  • Responsive customer service
  • Sustainable budgeting
  • Stewardship over the City’s assets
  • Relevant, reliable, and transparent financial reporting
  • Compliance with regulations, policies, and principles

About Us

The Finance Department oversees various essential business services of the City including: budgeting, accounting, cash management, business licenses, and facility and park rentals. The department consists of four divisions:

  • Business Services

    Pay a business license tax, rent a park or facility, or pay other fees or permits.


    Achieving community objectives while ensuring fiscal sustainability with limited public resources.

    Accounting & Financial Reporting

    Ensuring financial transparency and accountability of tax payer monies.


    Treasury & Investments

    Safeguarding the City’s finances and ensuring sufficient liquidity while maintaining reasonable returns.


Finance Department Contact Information