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Engineering and Public Works


The City of Clayton is responsible for compliance and enforcement with Federal and State stormwater regulations governing “non-point source” pollution. Stormwater, including any pollutants and litter collected along the way, enters the storm drain system and is automatically discharged into the local creeks and ultimately into the San Francisco Bay and the Delta without being treated. The City of Clayton works with its residents, businesses, and visitors to help keep our waterways clean and the City’s efforts are regulated under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (Region 2) . The City of Clayton is also a member of the Contra Costa Clean Water Program, along with 18 other jurisdictions, in order to combine efforts and resources to comply with the Clean Water Act.

To Report a Spill or Illegal Dumping

To report any problem, discharge, or illegal dumping in or near the stormdrain system, please call 1-800-NO DUMPING (1-800-663-8674) or File a Report online.

If it is an emergency and in need of immediate assistance, call 911.

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