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Solid Waste

Household garbage, yardwaste and recycling is collected curbside on a weekly basis within Clayton by Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste). For more information, to arrange collection or obtain containers, please contact their customer service department online or at (925) 685-4711.

Solid waste containers shall be placed at the curb no earlier than 12:00 p.m. the day preceding the day of collection and shall be removed no later than 10:00 p.m. on the day of collection.

Garbage Service Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Center Street Alef Court Acorn Drive Alexander Pl Barcelona Wy
Clayton View Lane Atchinson Stage Court Ahwahnee Court Anizumne Court Berendsen Court
Diablo Street Atchinson Stage Place Antelope Court Arrowhead Terrace Bigelow St
Douglas Court Atchinson Stage Road

(south of Clayton Rd)

Bear Place Bettencourt Drive Bloching Circle
Douglas Drive Calistoga Way Blue Oak Lane Blackpoint Court Brandywine Place
Fleming Court Clayton Road

(El Camino to Mt. Zion)

Condor Place Blackpoint Place Cabernet Court
Fleming Drive Coronado Court Condor Wy Buckeye Terrace Capistrano Court
Greystone Lane Del Trigo Lane Coyote Circle Cardinet Drive Casa Verde Place
High Street Eastbrook Court Crow Place Casey Glen Court Chardonnay Circle
Mitchell Canyon Lane El Camino Drive Deer Place Caufield Court Clifford Court
Mountaire Circle Four Oaks Lane Eagle Peak Avenue Caufield Drive Colemine Court
Mountaire Court Gibson Lane Eagle Peak Place Chert Place Colombard Court
Mountaire Place Goethals Court Elk Drive Chupcan Place Easley Drive
Mountaire Pkwy Haviland Place Falcon Place Diablo Creek Court Eberhardt Court
Mt. Alpine Place Haviland Court Golden Eagle Place Diablo Creek Placea El Molino Drive
Mt. Eden Place Herriman Court Golden Eagle Way Feather Circle El Portal Court
Mt. Emory Court Herriman Drive Grey Fox Place Frank Place El Portal Drive
Mt. Etna Drive Herriman Place Hummingbird Place Indianhead Circle El Portal Place
Mt. Everest Court Kenston Court Hummingbird Way Indianhead Way El Pueblo Place
Mt. Davidson Court Kenston Drive Joscolo View Indian Wells Way El Toro Court
Mt. Dell Drive Lassen Court Keller Ridge Drive Jalalon Place Forest Hill Drive
Mt. Duncan Drive Lydia Lane (south) Kelok Way Jeffrey Ranch Court Gamay Drive
Mt. Hamilton Court Marquette Court Miwok Way Jeffrey Ranch Place Goldrush Court
Mt. Lee Place Mitchell Canyon Court Molluk Way Julpun Loop Grenache Circle
Mt. McKinley Court Mitchell Canyon Road

(south of Clayton Rd to
Widmar Court)

Obsidian Court Karkin Place Hamburg Circle
Mt. Olivet Court Morningside Drive Obsidian Way Marsh Creek Rd

(Regency to Pine Ln)

Inverness Way
Mt. Olivet Place Mt. Zion Drive Ohlone Court Mitchell Canyon Rd La Canada Court
Mt. Olympus Place Newman Court Ohlone Court Moccasin Court La Encinal Court
Mt. Palomar Place Nottingham Circle Ohlone Heights Oakwood Circle La Honda Court
Mt. Scott Court Nottingham Place Raven Place Ohman Place London Court
Mt. Vernon Drive Nottingham Way Raven Way Pine Lane Lone Pine Court
Mr. Rainier Court O’Hara Court Tuyshtak Court Round House Place Malibu Court
Mt. Sequoia Court Panadero Court Wawona Court Saclan Terrace Marsh Creek Circle
Mt. Sequoia Place Panadero Way Wawona Lane Shell Circle “Old” Marsh Creek Rd
Mt. Shasta Place Pardi Lane Wildcat Way Shell Lane Meredith Court
Mt. Shasta Court Pine Hollow Court Windmill Canyon Drive Southbrook Drive Mirango Court
Mt. Sierra Place Pine Hollow Road Windmill Canyon Place Southbrook Place E. Myrick Court
Mt. Tamalpias Drive Redondo Court Suisun Court W. Myrick Court
Mt. Tamalpias Court Rhine Court Tule Court Peacock Creek Drive
Mt. Teton Place Rolen Court Wallace Drive Pebble Beach Drive
Mt. Teton Court Shasta Court Whitt Court Petar Court
Mt. Trinity Court Southbrook Drive Yolanda Circle Pinot Court
Mt. Washington Way Tara Court Prospector Place
Mt. Whitney Court Tara Drive Regency Drive
Mt. Whitney Way Tara Place Reisling Court
Mt. Wilson Way Tiffin Court Rialto Drive
Mt. Wilson Place Tiffin Drive Salazar Court
Oak Street E. Verna Way Samuel Court
Oak Court Verna Way Savignon Court
Roundhill Court Westbook Court Semillon Circle
Roundhill Place Widmar Court Silverado Court
Stranahan Circle Widmar Place Sylvaner Court
Xavier Place Torrey Pines Place
Yosemite Circle Weatherly Drive
Yosemite Court Wright Court
Zinfandel Circle