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Trail System


The Clayton Trail System consists of 27 miles of trails on approximately 515 acres of open space. Clayton has trails to satisfy almost all walkers, bicyclists and equestrians- whether they’re young or old, hardcore athletes or just trying to stay active.

Flat, paved routes wander along the City’s creeks, while steep rugged trails climb through the surrounding hills. The system connects directly to Mt. Diablo State Park and Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.

When these two parks create a planned linkage, Clayton will be surrounded by more than 40,000 acres of dedicated open space. Clayton’s trails are part of the California Coast to Crest Trail and American Discovery Trail, which travel from Pt. Reyes on the Marin County Pacific coast to Delaware Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

For more detailed information on Clayton’s trail system, a Clayton Trail Map is available for $2.00 at City Hall or from the Clayton Historical Society.

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