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City Administration

City Attorney FAQs

To review or obtain copies of public records, please send a written request to:

City Clerk
6000 Heritage Trail
Clayton, CA 94517

Reports or complaints concerning violations of the Clayton Municipal Code should be made to Clayton’s Code Enforcement Division at (925) 673-7310 or submit a Code Violation Report.

Reports or complaints concerning a possible violation of State law occurring in the City of Clayton should be made to the Clayton Police Department at (925) 673-7350. If the matter is an emergency, immediately call 911.

No.  Traffic violations are handled directly with the courts or are prosecuted by the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office.

No.  Landlord-tenant issues are considered civil matters over which the City has no authority.  For general questions, you may contact Tenants Together at (415) 495-8100.

The City Attorney is appointed by the Clayton City Council and serves as the City’s legal advisor to the City Council, the City’s commissions, and the City’s professional staff and is responsible for managing all legal matters for the City.  The District Attorney is an elected County official responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal activities and crimes throughout Contra Costa County.

No, as doing so could be construed as providing legal advice to someone who is not a client of the City Attorney.  If you are in need of a lawyer, please note some resources below that may assist you with an attorney referral:

The City Attorney is employed by the firm Best, Best, & Kreiger LLP; however, the City Council has retained this law firm under contract to represent the City of Clayton [the client], and has appointed Ms. Subramanian as its contract City Attorney.   The City Attorney is appointed by the Clayton City Council, and serves at its pleasure.  The authority and function of the City Attorney is set forth in Clayton Municipal Code Chapter 2.11.

No. The City Attorney is legally and ethically prohibited from representing individuals in private legal matters. The City Attorney only represents the City of Clayton as an entity, and its officials and employees in the course and scope of their employment or official duties.

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