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City Administration

Cable Television

Clayton Sign

The only cable television provider offering service in Clayton is Comcast . The City has not prevented other carriers (e.g. AT&T UVerse, Wave) from installing services; however, other providers of cable television have not submitted plans to extend services into Clayton from nearby areas. The latest information from other service providers, AT&T and Wave, has indicated they have no plans at this time to extend their services to Clayton.

There may be satellite (dish providers); however, not all locations in Clayton can receive signals due to terrain conditions. If you are looking to install satellite service, ensure the company properly checks for signal availability prior to installation.

City Channel

The City of Clayton, along with the City of Martinez and the City of Pleasant Hill, jointly share a Government Channel called the City Channel, which is broadcasted on Comcast Channel 26. This channel is used for television video playback of the Clayton City Council meetings. The Clayton playback time is usually on the second Thursdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. and the second Sunday of the month at noon, following the first and third Tuesday meetings of the City Council.

The channel also features a government bulletin board about the city, government announcements about special events and programs, and recordings of other government sponsored information or educational programs. Since it is a shared channel, playback of public meetings for the City of Martinez and the City of Pleasant Hill are also broadcasted here.

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